Victory Salutes Homebrewing Legalization With 1337 Ale


Victory Brewing just announced that they’ll be releasing 1337 Ale on the East Coast later next month. 1337 is named after H.R. 1337, which legalized homebrewing in the United States, and was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter in 1979.

Ehh… close enough.
Homebrewing immediately took off and led to much of the craft beer boom and creativity that is seen in the American craft scene. All of this finally came full circle just a few years back when President Obama purchased a homebrew kit and his kitchen staff began brewing beer at the White House.

If you want to try your hand at homebrewing then search online to find a local homebrew shop, or better yet find a local homebrew club. I highly recommend Annapolis Home Brew Store and the Annapolis Homebrew Club.



    • The longer those ingredients sit the worse your beer will be. Just kidding, don’t rush yourself. Just let me know when you want to break out that kit and we’ll get some beer brewin’.


    • In college my room mate and I read about homebrewing for nearly six months before we finally did it. After the first batch we thought we were idiots for waiting longer than one day.


    • That bock we made (third batch?) was also pretty good. But everything we made for the rest of that year was really sad and barely drinkable. It was probably my fault for thinking that “noble hops” were the only good hops and insisting that they go into everything. I’m sorry.


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