La Tour de Trappe – Our Route

I made a map of our potential route and am sharing it on Google maps. The previous post had a link to a route that another couple took through southern Belgium. That link also had a map of the Trappist breweries but I found that on their map Konigshoeven (La Trappe) was about fifty miles too far north.

Our map has all of the Trappist breweries in Belgium and The Netherlands, a few other breweries to check out, as well as potential places to stay. This will be constantly updated as we get closer to the trip.

We have also created a schedule/itinerary for the trip. We’re not trying to plan every single moment of the trip ahead of time, but we are trying to figure out all of the logistics of traveling on bikes. Our itinerary is here.

On to the next post: Choosing Bikes and Gear


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