Shark Tacos, Belgian Pale Ale, and a Great Uptown Bar

Beer is the best thing you can drink after running. Don’t question it. So the wife and I were happy to see some decent beers served at the Annapolis Half-Marathon post-race party this Saturday. They were offering up Goose Island, Fordham, and the new Hard Rock Cider. It wasn’t anything crazy but it was way better than the typical Michelob Ultra that you get at the average race.  I’m also not exactly craving a 13% Russian Imperial Stout immediately after running 13.1 miles so this lineup was basically perfect.

Of course this is Maryland so the post-race menu wouldn’t be complete without some delicious grilled and raw oysters served alongside my Goose Island IPA.

Oysters and IPA

So it stands to reason that if beer is good for you after a run, then more beer is better for you after running a lot. That’s why the wife and I stopped into Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge for lunch before heading home.

Metropolitan is one of those places that is a lot of things all at once, and a great beer bar is one of them. You can list off their entire draft menu without pausing to take a breath, but the majority of those beers are high quality brews. Their bottle and can list is a bit more extensive and represents a great breadth of beer styles. They also have a roof top bar that serves a different seasonal draft menu than downstairs.

Metro Taps
The downstairs draft selection. Four of these rotate continuously and there is a different draft selection at the roof top.

Metropolitan is also a great restaurant and music venue. Their menu covers it all from flatbreads and burgers, to short rib tacos and Chesapeake seafood. Their breakfast menu is also served until 3pm every day so your next brunch destination is pretty much set.  Today I had their shark tacos, which went very well with my Ommegang Belgian Pale Ale, but I’ve had plenty  of food from the rest of their menu and have never been disappointed.  

The ever changing chalkboard of bands and beers.


Metropolitan is just cool, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Kevin Spacey (yes, that Kevin Spacey), is also a big fan of the music, food, and atmosphere, calling it “a very cool place.” Metropolitan is one of those destinations in uptown that is helping to bring the area back and make it a place that people want to live and play. They’re about to go through some minor renovations next week and I’m sure they’ll be enhancing that vibe.


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