What’s More American Than Chrysler? Beer!


Did you also find yourself yelling at your TV during last Sunday’s Super Bowl? No, I’m not talking about yelling at Manning for forgetting to show up to the game, I’m talking about Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad that was narrated by Bob Dylan. If you’re American then I assume you’ve already seen it, but if you live in some international wasteland full of horse mounted painted warriors (i.e. everywhere that isn’t America) then here it is on Youtube. Go watch it now, commie.

Seriously? Let Germany brew our beer?!? That is the least American thing I have ever heard. America is the greatest brewing nation in the world right now. American brews can stand up to beer from any other country in terms of flavor and quality. Are Belgian Quads your thing? Try Boulevard Sixth Glass. Yeah I know Boulevard is now owned by Duvel, but that beer was developed and is produced right here in the USA. You like the full line up of English Ales? Head to Pratt Street Ale House. Are German lagers your thing? Check out Rahr & Sons Blonde Helles Lager, or their Ugly Pug Schwarzbier (Black Lager). America is even producing more Berliner Weisse, a fairly obscure style of beer, than the beer’s hometown of Berlin! German craft brewers are even looking to America for inspiration. To bring it even closer to home, two Maryland natives are preparing to open a brewpub in Berlin.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to live in Germany. I loved it there. I still love visiting. I even enjoy the beer. But nothing can compare to the ingenuity, creativity, and quality, of the American craft beer industry.

American owned, American made.
I also realize that the point of advertising is to raise awareness about a brand and by talking about this I’m actually drawing more attention to Chrysler, but I think all of this has to be said. It also appears that I am not the only one that felt this way about Chrysler’s commercial. A Michigan brewer recently posted a public letter admonishing the company over the ad. 

And what would happen if we let Germany brew our beer? According to the Brewers Association, craft brewers provide over 100,000 jobs right here in America. That doesn’t even include the big brewers, the distributors, retail stores, and bar staff (that number does include brewpub staff though). But maybe exporting jobs is what Chrysler considers to be American.

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