Great Beer and British Drama at 1747 Pub

We’ve started a new Sunday tradition. Every Sunday at 9pm you can find us at 1747 with some great craft beer in hand and waiting to watch the newest episode of Downton Abbey. Finding us at 1747 is a lot more likely than the chance that Lord Gillingham’s valet died from tripping, and wasn’t rage murdered by Bates.


If you watch Downton Abbey, then you should join us by the fireplace at 1747 for the next episode. If you’re interested in joining The Beer Spy at 1747 Pub then just head over to the Facebook page and let me know. We’ll reserve you a seat at our table. Maggie Smith will be disappointed if you don’t.

Way more inviting than the Dowager Countess of Grantham’s cold, judgmental, bourgeois heart.

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