Annapolis On the Cheap: Federal House

Annapolis On The Cheap is a series of posts where we, Nathan and Casey, attempt to have an evening of food and craft beer in Annapolis for less than $30. Our goal is to find the best happy hour deals across Naptown so that you don’t have to!



After a little research we chose The Federal House as our first attempt. They’re located right in the heart of Annapolis’ historic docks and their happy hour is 4-7pm Mon-Fri with 1/2 off draft beer, and all appetizers just $5.99. With prices like that we should be able to keep it well under the limit.

Federal House has one of the best quality beer selections in Annapolis. I can not believe I had never been here before. Boulevard Rye-on-Rye, Six Point Sweet Action, Terrapin Moo-Hoo, Mosaic, and several other beers were on the menu! I looked at this selection and felt like I’ve been failing at my self appointed responsibility to find every great beer in Annapolis. We saddled up to the bar and made our first selections.


I had to try the Victory Helios, a Belgian farmhouse style ale that has flavors of lemon and a peppery spiciness that the yeast contributes. Casey grabbed a Terrapin Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout that was on sale for $3, making it only $1.50 for happy hour! For food we picked up a giant plate of nachos and the turkey sliders for $5.99 each. Our second round of beers ended up being sampler paddles of four different draft beers that ended up being $4 apiece. We then realized that staying under $30 was going to be easier than solving a Rubik’s cube by painting all the squares.

What was the final damage? We ended up spending $26.05 before the tip. We left Federal house completely full and satisfied. We had some great beers, the food was good and filling, and we stayed nearly four dollars under our limit!


This first attempt was definitely a success, and I hope we can keep this up. Maybe we should have set the limit at $25 to make this more challenging. Or maybe the happy hour deal at The Federal House is just amazing!

Do you know a place around Annapolis where we should attempt our $30 happy hour challenge? Head over to The Beer Spy Facebook page and let me know!

Want to plan your own happy hour? Check out The Beer Spy’s Annapolis Happy Hour Calendar for all the best craft beer happy hours around Naptown (I recommend agenda view).

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