Growing Hops at Home in Annapolis: Starting Year Two

If you read the blog regularly then you probably know that I’ve been growing my own hops right here in Annapolis for about a year now. The hops are now into their second year and I’ve changed things up quite a bit. The plan this year is to have the hops grow over the yard to create a shaded canopy. I’ll setup a picnic table underneath and have my own hop covered beer garden.

The hops are doing really well right now, but I wanted to share some photos and thoughts from early in the spring when I was getting the plants started for the season.








The one thing I’ve asked myself in all this is, “why the hell am I growing my own hops when I can buy several varieties of hops from the local homebrew store or even online?” And the only real answer is “because I can.” I may as well be asking myself “why brew my own beer?” There is something deeply satisfying about pouring beautiful pints of a well crafted beer for yourself, family, or friends, and knowing you brewed it yourself. There is something about knowing every intricate detail about what went into a beer and how it was made.

Growing my own hops is just getting closer to the beer I make and drink. Getting my hands in the soil is a reminder that beer truly comes from the earth. It’s easy to forget that fact when your beer is served on draft at a bar, pulled out of the cooler at the local beer store, or consumed at a brewery while surrounded by stainless steel tanks and kettles.


  1. […] My hops have been doing extremely well and the Centennials have actually made a handful of early season cones. I ended up with so many extra plants this year that I ended up digging a few out of the ground and giving them away. If you want Cascade or Centennial hop rhizomes then hit me up in March or April of next year because I’m going to have plenty of extra! The Centennials really seem to like it here in Annapolis. […]


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