2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Beer Geeks and Homebrewers

If you’re like me then most of your holiday gift shopping is something that you take care of the week of Christmas. And by shopping I mean that I find things online. This craft beer and homebrew holiday gift guide will help you do the same.

My 2014 holiday gift guide starts with some extremely local-to-Maryland gifts, but there are several others for beer geeks and homebrewers that are anywhere in the world.


1. A Sunset Sailing Beer Cruise on the Chesapeake Bay aboard the Schooner Woodwind – ~$44

This is a gift that’s really only good for those in or near Annapolis, and you can’t really use it until Spring, but it’s worth the wait.

The Schooner Woodwind sails out of Annapolis each day during the warmer months, and every Wednesday the cruise includes a tasting of local beers while sailing the Chesapeake. There is honestly no craft beer experience that is more Annapolis than this.


So why include something that you can’t use until April? Because the Schooner Woodwind has been offering discounts all December long! You can purchase gift cards at the Schooner Woodwind website.


2. Eastern Shore Beer by Tony Russo – $19.99

Beer books are a great gift for any beer lover. Eastern Shore Beer is the only book I know of that covers the early history and recent craft beer boom. On Maryland’s Eastern Shore. You can read more about the book and where to purchase it here.


3. Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher – $19.99

This isn’t just a repeat recommendation from last year. I have been recommending this book to homebrewers since it first published ten years ago. I’ve bought copies for family members and even own two for myself so that I can loan one out and still have one on hand.

This is not just a great practical guide to homebrewing. Randy Mosher’s writing is informative, entertaining, and inspiring. There is no other book that has made me immediately want to go out and brew beer.


4. The Hops Chart – $19.99

The hop chart is one of the greatest creations known to the hop loving world. It’s not just a practical guide to hop bitterness, flavors, and aromas, but it’s damn gorgeous! Click here to zoom in and truly appreciate the level of detail that was put into this work of art. Every homebrewer should have this as a reference and bar/brewery decoration, and every beer lover that wants to learn about hops should put this on their wall. I actually own two!


5. A Homebrew Starter Kit – $75-150

Perhaps your craft beer loving friend/relative/lover has thought about making their own beer but has never taken the plunge. Push them over that edge and get them started! Homebrewing is much simpler than most people think, and if you get started with your local homebrew club then you’re liable to make some great friends, have some good times, and try some incredible beers. Sounds awful right?

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