Christmas 2014 Beer Loot and Baked Goods: A Christmas Poem

Just to give you an idea of how far behind I am on writing, here is a post from Christmas 2014!

It never fails that I’m going to get some beer related gifts for Christmas, but this year the beer gifts started on Christmas Eve with pajama pants sporting “This Guy Needs a Beer!” for their mantra.


The verbally accurate sleepwear was put on with care,

in hope that by morning St Nick would be there;

I sipped my Winter Warmer then slipped off to bed;

While visions of hops danced in my head;

Early morning brewing coffee I made such a clatter,

My mother-in-law sprang from her bed to see what was the matter;

With everyone up we each opened a gift;

I found beer soap from Kansas to give my hygiene a lift;

Under the tree I took a quick look;

And from Aunt Charlotte to me was a beer cook book;

For Christmas dinner there was one last treat for this blogger;

My mother-in-law made bread with Rahr Brewing’s Blonde Lager!


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