Nothing Like a Cold Pint of Stout Ice Cream

I have to write about the incredible Stout Ice Cream I had last weekend, and the wonderful ice cream aficionado, blogger, and all around wonderful person over at Scoop Adventures that turned this glorious marriage of beer and frozen cream into a reality.


On International Stout Day, 8 November (who the hell determines these dates? God bless them!), Lindsay, the ice cream expert behind Scoop Adventures, posted a stout ice cream recipe to the Annapolis Homebrew Club Facebook page. After reading the recipe I knew I must have this ice cream, but I was too lazy to make it myself. The wife and I quickly extended a weekend dinner invitation with the promise of an endless supply of homebrew, and against all common sense this ice cream wielding couple accepted dinner from complete strangers.

Now this ice cream was what every little drop of milk wishes it could be when it grows up. It was roasty and sweet. You could taste the malt, mollasses, a sort of light roast coffee with none of the acidity, and a brown sugar sweetness. It was the perfect texture. You knew it was stout and you knew it was ice cream.  This ice cream deserved an Untappd check-in!

Luckily Scoop Adventures shared this Stout Ice Cream recipe with the world. But it gets even better! She also has recipes for the following beer infused frozen dairy goodness:

Dark Chocolate Stout Ice Cream

Coffee Stout Ice Cream

Pumpkin Ale Ice Cream

Peach Plum Lambic Sorbet

Cherry Lambic Sorbet

Check out the Scoop Adventures blog and upcoming ice cream cookbook!


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