Drinking a Seven Year Old Rahr’s Red

It turns out that I left an entire case of beer at my Dad’s house when I left Texas in 2007. Miraculously no one drank it all and it has been kept hidden away all this time. Now I’m home from Christmas and this case has found it’s way back to me. The time has come to find out which ones held up and which ones taste like the ass end of a reindeer.

Greatest collection of worst beer/best malt vinegar ever!
Greatest collection of worst beer/best malt vinegar ever!

Our first candidate is Rahr’s Red (now known as Rahr’s Texas Red). This is an amber lager that is well known for it’s maltiness.

Well it didn’t explode, so it has that going for it.

You can see from the photo that it’s still pretty clear and even has some head retention!

Still malty, with a hint of caramel and big sweet bready malt. The flavor is a little stale like a flat soda, but overall this has held up fairly well. I’m almost willing to drink the whole thing! This is starting out much better than I had anticipated.

Next up, a seven year old Rahr’s Summertime Wheat!

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