Drinking a Seven Year Old Rahr’s Summertime Wheat

It turns out that I left an entire case of beer at my Dad’s house when I left Texas in 2007. Miraculously no one drank it all and it has been kept hidden away all this time. Now I’m home from Christmas and this case has found it’s way back to me. The time has come to find out which ones held up and which ones taste like the ass end of a reindeer.

Now it’s time for beer number two, Rahr’s Summertime Wheat. I’ve actually had one of these that was two years old. It was kept in a garage with lots of sunlight. It was one of the most god awful things that has ever made its way into my mouth, and I’ve spent time in Asia.

Impending Oral Rapage
Impending oral rapage

You can see that this no longer has any head retention. It was also crystal clear until I swirled around the yeast sediment. What you can’t see are the very large globs of yeast that make this look more like a chunky soup than something I actually want to drink. Luckily it actually smells kinda good. The aroma isn’t very strong, but has a bit of lemon and bread.

The flavor is absolutely nothing like a fresh hefeweizen, but it’s also not as terrible as I was expecting. It tastes of grain and lemon. It’s very similar to the aroma. I have no idea how this is still palatable because I’ve never had a hefeweizen that was anywhere close to drinkable 6-12 months after it was bottled. Again, this adventure is proving to be less disgusting than I expected.

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