Annapolis Homebrewers Compete to Bring Their Beer to the Annapolis Craft Beer Scene

Today I’m continuing my recent tradition of writing about things way after they’re over.

Nearly two weeks ago Widmer Brothers Brewing Company reached out to the Annapolis Homebrew Club and offered an opportunity to participate in a competition to bring one of our beers to the Annapolis craft beer market. The Club was invited to brew up a number of beers, name them, label them, and tell the stories behind them. The idea was to treat the beers like they are getting ready to launch in to the craft beer market.

The beers were all judged on flavor, aroma, color, etc., but also on the beer name, the label design, and how well it would likely do as a craft beer. The winner went on to compete against four other Maryland homebrewers and the winner of the second round will get to launch their beer at craft beer bars in their local area.

The Annapolis homebrewer’s had a blast and showed an incredible amount of creativity. The beers ranged from IPAs, to spruce beer, to peppermint porter, and gingerbread ale. The labels and back stories were also fantastic.

As the judges did their thing we gathered up at Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge to sip some beers, accuse each other of bribing the judges, and await announcement of the local winner. Eventually it came down to three beers:

FIRST PLACE: Don Haller – Sir Thopas Gingerbread Spiced Ale from Bay County BrewHouse.

SECOND PLACE: Kevin Hawk – Notorious H.O.P. from Ronin Brewing Co.

THIRD PLACE: Nathan Waters (That’s me, yay!) – Sprøøs Jøøs from The Pig and Hound Brewery

Check out the labels below for more info on the beers.

The overall winner will be announced at Hops ‘n Tots during Annapolis Beer Week. Keep your fingers crossed for Don Haller to win it so we can get his beer on tap right here in Naptown!

Thanks to Scott at Widmer Bros., the Craft Brew Alliance, Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge, and Katcef Brothers Distributing for putting all of this together!

Front DemoBack Demo Sir Topas Notorious moteuka label Mos Red Mos Red 2

IMG_4678 IMG_4680 IMG_4691 IMG_4777[1] IMG_4778[1] IMG_4799[1] IMG_4811[1] IMG_4815[1] IMG_4828[1] IMG_4774[1] IMG_4781[1] IMG_4795[1]

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