Pardon Me For Smelling Delicious

Until they invent a flower that smells like brawn and iron, there is only one flower you’re allowed to smell like if you’re a man, and that’s the hop flower.

Last week Mike, one of my homebrewing buddies, dropped off a few bars of hop soap. I have no idea where he got them, but they’re packed full of whole hop cones/flowers. I didn’t expect much because the hops looked like they were a bit old when used, but this soap really does have a refreshing hop aroma. So for the past week I’ve been stepping out of the shower smelling like a British IPA.

So don’t be surprised if you hop heads find yourselves suddenly wanting to inch your bar stool a little closer to me while enjoying a pint. I understand.




***This has been updated because I somehow forgot it was my buddy Mike that dropped off this soap. I must have been distracted by his ridiculous good looks***

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