Drinking a Seven Year Old Rahr Blonde

Next in the lineup for really old beers is Rahr’s Blonde. This is a Munich-Helles Style Lager, meaning that it’s almost identical to a pilsner. I say “almost” because Helles is brewed with water that is similar to water found in Munich, Germany, while Pilsner is brewed with water similar to what is found in Pilsen, Czech Republic. That’s enough of a difference to make the two beers different.

Rahr Blonde
Pictured: Bad Pancake Syrup


The Blonde obviously hasn’t kept its head retention.

The years have not been good to this beer. Despite its very light color it actually has a weird light molasses flavor. Take the cheapest pancake syrup you can find, add some molasses, and that’s what this tastes like. It’s going down the sink.

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